How You Can Benefit From Ganoderma Mushrooms

Ganoderma is a type of mushroom, also known as Reisha. It has been used in china for medical treatment for over 4000 years now. They refer to the mushroom as “spirit medicine”. In olden times ganoderma was reserved for kings and was rare and hard to find. The kings used to it promote longevity.

The ganoderma mushroom is from the Mycetes kingdom, they generally short and tiny fungi that are unable to make there own nutrients through photosynthesis like green plants do. They either earth breed or lead a parasitic life by breaking down and surviving on the nutrients of other plants and animals. Now, with a high demand for this mushroom is now produced with scientific cultivation method.

Ganoderma mushroom is used to treat many different illnesses from stress related to sleep disorders. It is very great as an overall health tonic as well and as a preventive for future ailments. It is very good for strengthening the immune system and fighting off infections and viruses. There is also a lot of research being done about the healing properties of this mushroom and what it can do for cancer patients. It has been prescribed to cancer patients that are undergoing chemotherapy.

Side effects of chemotherapy are hair loss, appetite loss, fatigue, and lethargy. Ganoderma has been known to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy. It may also help with liver and lung disorders, HIV/AIDS, allergies, and even some heart problems. Things like age spots and acne have been treated using ganoderma. It is thought that the reisha mushroom can reverse some of the signs of aging. This includes skin and damage that has been done due to over exposure to the sun.

It is mostly made up of carbohydrates and water soluble polysaccharides, amino acids, and proteins. Because of this they are good for lowering high blood pressure. They also has a substance known as ganoderic acids, these acids act like an anti histamine that is what makes it good fro treating allergies.

Taken on a daily basis, the mushroom can help to detoxify the body, rejuvenate cells, balance the functions of various organs, and help to get rid disorders. It is also an anti tumor agent, cold tonic, expectorant, liver protector, cardio tonic, diuretic, and prevents tissue degeneration.

Reisha mushrooms can also help to balance blood sugar levels and improve pancreatic functions and increases the oxygen in the blood system. It will reduce fatigue and increase your vitality, as well as increase your metabolism. Ganoderma contains an abundance of anti oxidants that control and inhibit the damages of free radicals. This mushroom will also fortify and improve your digestive system and reduce cholesterol and fat in the blood stream that causes build up in the arteries.

There are many different kinds of products available to get the benefits of ganoderma. There is a bar soap and toothpaste, as well as supplements. There is also many different coffee products available, hot cocoa, sod tea, mocha, ginseng coffee, and classic coffee. There is an oats product available too. These ganoderma products can be found at Alternative Health Supplements. Check out our Ganoderma Products section.

Why Not Go Natural?

Before the popularity of the acai berry gained notoriety we had only vitamins A, C and E consumed by drinking orange juice or taking vitamin supplements. But today, we are not talking about just small preventative measures taken, but a real blow to sickness and disease, which has taken the form of antioxidant rich functional health beverages that many consumers swear by in their quest for health and wellness.

Currently, the antioxidant gaining the most attention the Acai (pronounced ah-SAH-ee) berry which is known as a super antioxidant. The acai berry is a small dark blue fruit, similar in size to a blueberry or small grape but with less pulp, that grows in clusters of berries on acai palm trees. The acai fruit is popular among health food enthusiasts because it is high in many important vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids (such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9), and anthocyanin/anthocyanidin phytonutrients which are members of the flavonoid class of antioxidants.

The dark purple berry, which tastes something like a blend of berries and chocolate, supposedly contains 10 to 30 times the flavonoids contained in red wine. Traditionally, Brazilians used the fruit to treat stomach disorders and skin conditions. The fruit is highly unstable when picked and rots easily, so it is rare to find the acai fruit whole when you are not in the region where they are grown. Outside the tropics the fruit is usually found in either juice or pulp form. This wonder food is purported to fight cancer, control cholesterol, increase energy, improve physical intimacy and helps weight loss. Some people even use acai as a facial astringent because the fruit has high anti-bacterial properties.

Cupuacu (coo pwAH soo) is referred to as The Taste of the Amazon. Cupuacu is a member of the chocolate family. The indigenous Indians have used the fruit as a primary food source for years. The Cupuacu fruit grows on the Cupuacu tree, which is a small to medium tree in the Rainforest that belongs to the Cocoa family. This fruit is known for its creamy exotic tasting pulp. The pulp is used throughout Brazil and Peru to make fresh juice, ice cream, jam and tarts. The fruit ripens in the rainy months from January to April and is considered a culinary delicacy in South American cities. The seeds contain a sweet-smelling, white butter, which can also be used to make excellent-quality white chocolate.

This particular fruit, Cupuacu has not gained the national attention as the acia berry or yerbe mate. Its benefits has not been publicized nor is it contained in many health related beverages, supplements or foods. Cupuacu contains unique antioxidant phytonutrients called polyphenols. You may be familiar with polyphenols from other common medicinal plants, notably green tea and grape seeds. Cupuacu also contains at least nine other known antioxidants including Vitamin C and Vitamin A, making it a well-rounded antioxidant cocktail. The top three reasons to make Cupuacu part of your diet include: the increased ability to fight disease and cancer, more youthful and healthier looking skin and hair and it reportedly lowers cholesterol levels.

Indigenous people, as well as local communities along the Amazon, have cultivated Cupuacu as a primary food source for generations. In former times, Cupuacu seeds were traded along the Rio Negro and Upper Orinoco rivers where indigenous people drink Cupuacu juice after it has been blessed by a shaman to facilitate difficult births. The “beans” are utilized by the indigenous Tikuna people for abdominal pains.

Cupuacu also has a unique type of polyphenols called theograndins. Theograndins have potent antioxidant activity and provide cardiovascular protective and immune supportive benefits. Yet, everyday brings new findings of other advantages of theograndins that are unique to cupuacu. For example, in tests on some types of cancers, theograndins were uniquely effective at killing colon cancer cells. Research is underway to determine whether cupuacu or isolated theograndins have a place in modern cancer therapy.

Yerba mate (pronounced yer-bah mah-tay) is also one of the ingredients in this functional health beverage in addition to Aloe Vera Gel Pulp, CoEnzyme Q10, Cat’s Claw Bark and over 100 other nutritional ingredients. Although yerba mate has not enjoyed the same level of media exposure as the acai berry has recently, it certainly commands respect and attention. Yerba mate is a tea like beverage popular in Argentina. The word mate derives from the word Mati that names the gourd that is used to drink the tea.

It is widely held that this tea contains mateine, a chemical cousin of caffeine that has subtly different properties. Though similar to caffeine in its ability to provide energy, it can have a milder and safer delivery to the body. Although, yerba mate is not known to interfere with sleep cycles, it does have a tendency to balance the cycles, inducing more REM sleep. Many people report that they require less sleep when using mate; usually such an experience is accompanied by a deeper, more relaxing sleep experience.

Yerba mate is replete with antioxidants that help the body fight free-radicals. Yerba mate may assist with the following: increased mental awareness and elevated mood, weight loss, increased ability to fight off disease and increased energy and vitality.

Additionally, yerba mate helps relieve allergies. It has been noted that yerba mate is helpful in opening respiratory passages to overcome allergy symptoms. It has been shown to reduce the severity of some allergies and hay fever. Yerba mate works by stimulating the adrenal glands to produce corticosteroids, which help suppress the inflammation and immune response due to allergies.

Does yerba mate exhibit anti-cancer properties like green tea? Aside from its significant antioxidant effects, research from the University of Illinois suggests yerba mate could in fact be a potent ally in cancer protection. Labs around the country are starting to test the Acai to find what possible medical use it has. There is no doubt that this amazing fruit has a promising future in the medical world. While more study needs to be done to prove the effectiveness of some of these claims, there is no doubt that adding any of one of these plants or fruits to your diet will improve your overall and future health!

The health beverage industry is a booming market. It is currently producing over 4 billion dollars in sales and is forecasted to grow to over 10 billion in the next few years. The growth is being fueled by one thing: consumer demand. It should be no surprise why so many companies are jumping on the functional health beverage band wagon.

Medical Disclaimer
“Information on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to act as a substitute for medical advice provided by a qualified health care provider, nor is any information on this intended to diagnose, treat, care or prevent any diseases. Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.”

Deep Tissue Massage Treatments and Yoga

You get discomfort in your neck, back or shoulders and you go for a deep tissue massage treatment to try to alleviate the problem but very few people think to go so that they can improve their yoga flexibility. However, done properly, sports massage treatments can really help if you want to achieve some of those deeper postures.

Most clients are already in pain or suffering from some sports-related injuries before they turn to massage, but why does everyone let it get to that stage? It is far more sensible to take regular massage as a preventative measure so that such injuries do not occur and to increase your overall sense of wellbeing for optimum physical and mental performance.

Evidence for the therapeutic and clinical benefits of massage, from both research studies and patient reports, has always been extremely strong and many sports injury specialists say massage is very effective in treating and reducing soft tissue injuries, improving muscle conditioning and fluid movement, improving general athletic performance and enhancing a state of wellbeing.

The power of healing in massage is the energy that flows through the therapist’s hands in touch to refresh, regenerate and revitalise. There are several forms of massage on offer, and it can be confusing to know what will work best for a particular ailment or condition. Some full body massage concentrates more on relaxing the client whilst others will work more deeply at repairing damaged muscle tissue.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is often used to alleviate stress and aid relaxation as well as to relieve pain and to facilitate healing from injury. A sports massage uses powerful techniques and trigger point work on specific muscles and areas of the body to invigorate and refresh. Sports massage is a part of many cancer care programmes and is used for premature babies, infants, young children and older people. It also plays an important part in sports therapy in the prevention of injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a powerful form of remedial massage that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue used to treat chronic pain and restricted mobility. It is also useful in recovery from sporting injuries and treating repetitive strain injury, osteoarthritis and lower back pain or spasms from poor posture or incorrect lifting.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to reach the deep sections of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibres. Movements are generally slower and the pressure deeper and more focused on specific areas of tension and pain.

Once experienced, many people continue to choose deep tissue massage over lighter styles for the increased degree of relaxation, alleviation of pain, and the generally longer lasting benefits that it provides. Massage is believed to stimulate skin receptors and the nervous system, triggering the release of ‘feel-good’ chemicals, known as endorphins, which help us relax. It is known to help ‘block’ pain signals.

Therefore a massage after yoga can also help alleviate issues that have arisen during your practice such as muscular tightness or any inflammation.

Advance Colon Cleansing Works For Dropping Pounds With Advanced Formulas!

The primary purpose of the gastrointestinal tract is to digest and absorb food. In order to fulfill this purpose, food must be ground, mixed, and transported through the intestines, where it is digested and absorbed. In addition, undigested and unabsorbed portions of the food must be eliminated from the body.

In functional diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms, the grinding, mixing, digestion, and absorption functions are disturbed to only a minor degree. These functions are essentially maintained, perhaps because of a built-in over-capacity of the gastrointestinal tract to perform these functions. The most commonly affected function in these diseases is transportation. In the stomach and small intestine, the symptoms of slowed transportation are nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, and abdominal enlargement. The symptom of rapid transportation usually is diarrhea. The interpretation of symptoms, however, may be more complicated than this. For example, let’s say that a person has abnormally rapid emptying of the stomach. The sensing of this rapid emptying by the intestinal sensory nerves normally brings about a motor nerve response to slow emptying of the stomach and transportation through the small intestine. Thus, rapid emptying of the stomach may give rise to symptoms of slowed transportation.

In the colon, abnormally slowed or rapid transportation results in constipation or diarrhea, respectively. In addition, there may be increased amounts of mucus coating the stool or a sense of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement.

Other researchers argue that the cause of functional diseases is abnormalities in the function of the motor nerves. For example, abnormal commands through the motor nerves might produce a painful spasm (contraction) of the muscles. Still others argue that abnormally functioning processing centers are responsible for functional diseases because they misinterpret normal sensations or send abnormal commands to the organ. In fact, some functional diseases may be due to sensory dysfunction, motor dysfunction, or both sensory and motor dysfunction. Still others may be due to abnormalities within the processing centers One area that is receiving a great deal of scientific attention is the potential role of gas produced by intestinal bacteria in patients with IBS. Studies have demonstrated that patients with IBS produce larger amounts of gas than individuals without IBS, and the gas may be retained longer in the small intestine. Among patients with IBS, abdominal size increases over the day, reaching a maximum in the evening and returning to baseline by the following morning. In individuals without IBS, there is no increase in abdominal size during the day.

Sometimes irritable bowel syndrome is referred to as spastic colon, mucous colitis, spastic colitis, nervous stomach, or irritable colon.IBS is also associated with non-gastrointestinal conditions such as headache, low back pain, arthritis, non-cardiac chest pain, difficult urination and fibromyalgia.

Dietary fat in healthy individuals causes food as well as gas to move more slowly through the stomach and small intestine. Some patients with IBS may even respond to dietary fat in an exaggerated fashion with greater slowing. Thus, dietary fat could–and probably does–aggravate the symptoms of IBS.

The Power Fruit For Anti-Againg

As located in the tropics, During summers, there are plenty of sumptuous and delicious fruits produced. These wide ranges of varieties allow people all around the world to taste and enjoy them depending on each preferences.

Fruits are incredible food. They contain vitamins and minerals and also they are a great source of energy and low in calories. During summers, the most popular fruit is mangoes, as they are usually produced in this period. Normally, there are both ripened and unripened mangoes and their tastes and textures are completely different. Unripened green mango has a sour or sweet taste. We peel and slice it and when we first bite it, it is crunchy to the teeth. We can also dip in a mixture of sugar, chili and salt for more delicious flavour. Ripe mango has a rich fragrance. Its peel is usually yellow but also orange depending on the breeding. Under the peel of yellow ripened mango, it contains soft flesh packed with juice and sweetness. People like to have sliced ripe mango with Sticky Rice: steamed rice cooked with sugar and coconut milk.

Beside from pleasant taste, there is a hidden advantage from ripened mango. It is not only vitamin C that we gain from having mango. As it is a food in yellow colour group, it is extremely rich in beta-carotene and carotenoids which help reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and can improve immune system function.

Also mango is higher in antioxidants which can help in anti aging. To keep as much substance from the fruit, we need to be very careful with them. For instance, we have to be quick and clean when we peel off the peel unless the air will damage the substance.

The Food Guide Pyramids recommends that everyone have two to four serving of fruit each day. During this summer you can try including a bit of ripe mango at each meal or if you do not count calories then try other mango menus available this summer.

Like chocolate, mangoes are a comfort food. Yellow, ripened fruit can satisfy taste-bud cravings and the rich, creamy texture feels good on the tongue. What’s more, they are actually good for you and it’s not often that one can indulge in a comfort food without watching the waistline or feeling pangs of guilt!

The mango is native to South East Asia (although there are now in excess of 1,000 species around the world) and many people suggest that mangoes from this region are best. The mango tree is no mean specimen; it is evergreen and can reach a height of some 60 feet although many are “cropped” short of their maximum height in order to make harvesting more manageable. A mango tree will produce fruit some 4-6 years after planting and they require hot, dry weather in order to set and produce a good crop.

Ripe mangoes have a rich, fruity fragrance at the stem and will yield to gentle finger pressure. The colour will usually be yellow but there may also be tinges of red, orange or green. A green, unripened mango peeled and sliced, is crunchy to the tooth, has a sour/sweet taste and, when dipped in a mixture of sugar, salt and chili gives a sparkling burst of flavour. The yellow, ripened variety may be peeled and eaten “as is” soft fleshed, packed with juice and sweetness with a creamy texture on the tongue.

Fortunately, mangoes are not only good to eat but also good for us. They contain an enzyme which soothes the stomach and are high in vitamins (A & C plus beta-carotene), antioxidants and minerals. Naturally high in fibre, a mango a day (during the season) will ensure that you’re regular guys and gals! In fact, one mango will provide about 40% of the body’s daily fibre requirement and will replace potassium lost through perspiration. An average size mango will deliver only 1 gram of fat and 110 calories so it’s safe to have another one!

Boost Health and Wellness With Red Clover

Red clover is also commonly referred to as wild clover, purple clover, meadow clover, honeysuckle clover, or cow grass. This herb is a member of the pea family. It is commonly found in pastures, lawns, along roadsides, and in meadows. Many consider this herb to be a nuisance and, thus, they try to eliminate it from their lawns. However, this is not easily accomplished due to red clover’s hearty nature.

The use of red clover most likely originated in Europe. There, it was used as an expectorant and a diuretic. Additionally, it was burned as incense to invoke the spirits of the deceased. Some people even wore the leaves of red clover as charms against evil. The red clover was revered by early Christians because they associated its three leaves with the Trinity. The flowers of this plant were dried by the ancient Chinese and then put in pillows to help relax both the body and mind. The Native Americans used red clover as an infusion gargle for sore throats, whooping cough, and asthma. Additionally, they used it on children because it was a milder, safer way to fight debilitating childhood diseases.

This herb has been used for treating cancer, bronchitis, nervous conditions, spasms, and toxins in the body. It is considered by herbalists to be a blood cleanser. Herbalists also recommend this mild herb in formulas when using a cleansing program. Red clover is often mixed with honey and water to make a cough syrup and act as an expectorant. The herb is a mild sedative and is useful for spasmodic conditions, bronchitis, wheezing, and fatigue. Because red clover is mild, it can often be used by children.

Research has determined that red clover contains some antibiotic properties that are beneficial in fighting several kinds of bacteria. Among these types of bacteria is the one that causes tuberculosis. Additionally, red clover has a long history of use in treating cancer. Scientists at the National Cancer Institute have uncovered some anticancer activity in red clover, including daidzein and genistein activity. Even though the findings are preliminary and the use of red clover as a cancer treatment has not yet been validated, research is continuing to show promising results.

Externally, red clover has been used to treat skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and even vaginal irritation. It can also be applied topically to burns, boils, sores, and ulcers. Red clover has also been documented for use in treating AIDS, syphilis, and leprosy. This herb can be applied externally to help soothe lymphatic swelling and as an eyewash.

In short, the flowers of red clover are used to provide alterative, antibiotic, antispasmodic, blood purifier, nutritive, sedative, stimulant, and vulnerary properties. The primary nutrients found in red clover are calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, nickel, selenium, sodium, tin, and vitamins A, C, B-complex, F, and P. Primarily, red clover is extremely beneficial in dealing with acne, AIDS/HIV, athlete’s foot, blood impurities, bronchitis, cancer, eczema, leukemia, liver disorders, nervous disorders, psoriasis, skin disorders, spasms, and the effects of toxins.

Additionally, this herb is very helpful in treating arthritis, asthma, boils, burns, childhood diseases, colds, constipation, coughs, muscle cramps, fatigue, flu, gallbladder, gastric disorders, indigestion, leprosy, lymphatic irritations, rheumatism, sores, syphilis, sore throat, tuberculosis, ulcers, urinary infections, vaginal irritations, whooping cough, and wounds.

For more information on red clover, look for this wonderful herb at your local heath food store. Remember to always look for name brands to ensure quality and purity of the product you purchase.

Use V-Gel From Himalaya to Treat Common Vaginal Disorders

All about vaginal infection

Vaginal infection is very common among women these days. This infection can be a result of infections caused by viruses, yeast or bacteria or from irritations from chemicals present in sprays and creams or even the clothing that has a contact with that area.

In few cases of vaginal infection, vaginitis occurs from an organism that is passed amongst sexual partners. Such infections often create itching, irritation, odor or discharge. One can now keep their worries at bay with V-Gel From Himalaya. This Himalaya v-gel herbal cream is available at discounted prices on Online Herbs.

Common causes of vaginal infectionUse of steroidsUse of antibiotics: antibiotics are known to destroy the bacteria that generally protect the vagina. Such an infection can result both pre and post taking an antibiotic for treating conditions such as a strep throat. Change in hormone: hormonal changes are likely to cause vaginal infection in women. These include birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone therapy, menopause or ovulation. Scratch in the vagina: A scratch in the vagina such as once caused while inserting tampons or any other objects can result in vaginal infection. Using feminine hygiene sprays or douchesWeakened immune system: certain factors that results in a weakened immune system such as pregnancy, using steroids, cancer chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, or other medications that can weaken the immune system. Wearing tight underwear: wearing tight underwear or one made of other materials apart from cotton can cause vaginal infections. This is likely to increase moisture, temperature and local irritation. Diabetes: this disorder can lower the store of glycogen in some vaginal cells. This may also increase the content of sugar of the vagina thereby increasing the chances of developing vaginal yeast infections. Symptoms of vaginal yeast infectionPainful intercourseBurning or painful urinationExtreme itching of the genitalsVaginal discharge (usually thick and white-gray, with a consistency similar to cottage cheese)Irritated vagina as well as vaginal area Treat common vaginal disorders with V-Gel From Himalaya

Himalaya v-gel herbal cream is a unique formation of herbs. Its demulcent property helps in relieving swelling and occasional itching of the vagina. It supports the normal Candida level and also supports the defense and natural immune mechanisms of the body. This cream contains selected herbs that are known for safely supporting the healthy and balanced levels of bacteria and pH in the body.

Benefits of V-Gel From Himalaya
It soothes occasional itching, burning sensation and irritation of the vaginaIt relieves occasional vaginal dryness It helps in maintaining a balanced pH level in the bodyIt helps in supporting the defense and natural immune systems of the body.

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

The artificially produced Human Growth Hormone or HGH has been incorrectly marketed as either an anti-aging drug or for improvement of ones performance in sports, but its’ actual use is limited. Therefore because of this limited use, the lies of numerous advertising campaigns on the internet as to its age defying properties and performance enhancing benefits must be stopped. Instead focus on the possible side effects of taking HGH should be made, as it is not a treatment that should be taken lightly.

Taking high doses of HGH can have a number of side effects, and these are not listed to scare you, but merely point out to the public that it is unsafe and improper to take HGH liberally without any particular ailment or supervision from the doctor.

Some of the side effects in no particular order are:

– acromelagy

– soft tissue swelling

– joint pains

– carpal tunnel syndrome

– breast enlargement

– diabetes

– liver enlargement

– heart enlargement

– increased pressure around the brain

– high blood pressure

– elevated blood sugar levels

– diabetes

– may cause prostate, colon, breast cancer

– enhances spread of cancer if already existing

– excessive and abnormal bone growth

– skin infection

– cellulitis

– abscess formation

– fibrosis scarring

With all these possible side effects on misuse of HGH, it is very surprising that all these marketers are keeping silent about them, and praising HGH to high heavens when it concerns their allegedly, and false anti aging and performance enhancing properties. The companies selling these products should be shut down for putting the health of millions at risk in exchange for their own financial benefit.

The side effects listed above by far are not any trivial side effects that can be fixed easily. They are life changing side effects that if not given adequate attention can become life threatening.

Therefore the only HGH one should get is the HGH naturally produced by your own body. Unless you have one of those rare diseases numbering about four or five, where HGH is seen as a valid treatment then you should not be having any artificial HGH at all. HGH is a very important hormone no doubt, and its’ role in our bodies is unquestionable. The abuse that it has gotten from the marketing companies in conjunction with pharmacies selling it is massive, and they have been lying to the public all along.

Those wanting to increase their performance in sports and stay young should not look to Human Growth Hormone as the answer to their problems. For those who want improvement in sports, train harder, be more dedicated, and do not look for short cuts. That is the only way to excel, and to be proud of yourself at the same time. To those who want to stay young forever, exercise, eat right, stay fit and have a positive outlook in life. You don’t need any artificial HGH treatments to do all these. In fact these misplaced HGH drugs could shorten your life instead of lengthening it.

Internist Screens Patient For Prostate Cancer But Fails To Follow Up On Abnormal Results

Many men have little, if any, understanding of value of screening for prostate cancer. They trust that their doctor will do whatever is appropriate to keep catch the cancer early and cure them. But, far too often, doctors diagnose the cancer only after it is past the early stages.

There are several different circumstances that can result in a delayed diagnosis. This article will consider the following patters: the doctor (1) orders a PSA blood test, (2) learns that the patient has an elevated PSA level, but (3) does not inform the patient, does not refer the patient to a urologist, and does not order a biopsy to determine whether the elevated PSA is due to prostate cancer.

Consider the following case, for example: A doctor, an internist, found that his male patient had a PSA of 8.0 (anything above a 4.0 is normally considered to be high). The doctor said nothing to the patient. The doctor did not refer the patient to a urologist. The doctor did not order a biopsy. Two years later the doctor repeated the PSA test. This time it had risen to 13.6. Again, the doctor said nothing to the patient. Again, the doctor did not refer the patient to a urologist. Again, the doctor did not order a biopsy. Two years later the doctor repeated the PSA test.

It was not until three years after first learning of the patient’s elevated PSA level that the doctor finally advised him that he probably had cancer. Further testing revealed that at this point the patient had advanced prostate cancer. A prostatectomy was no longer an option. Treating physicians instead recommended radiation therapy and hormone therapy. Neither of these would cure the cancer but they might slow the cancer’s progress and further spread. The law firm that handled this matter reported that they took the case to mediation where they were able to obtain a settlement of $ 600,000.

This case illustrates a type of error that can result in the delayed diagnosis of a patient’s prostate cancer. It occurs when the doctor actually follows the guidelines and screens male patients for prostate cancer but does not follow through when the test results are abnormal.

At a minimum a doctor who notes abnormal prostate cancer screening results should inform the patient of the possibility that he may have prostate cancer and refer the patient to a urologist. The doctor can also recommend diagnostic testing, such as a biopsy in order to determine whether the abnormal screening test results are due to prostate cancer. But doing nothing after noting abnormal test results creates a situation in which those patients who do in fact have prostate cancer may not learn they have it until it has spreading outside the prostate, limiting the patient’s options for treatment, and substantially decreasing the likelihood that the patient will be able to survive the cancer.

As the case shows a doctor who commits this type of error may be liable for medical malpractice.

Dental Health – The Importance of Seeing a Dentist Regularly

Most of us are not aware of the benefits of maintaining oral hygiene. If you don’t take good care of your teeth, you are posing a big threat to your dental health. In most of the cases, toothaches are the outcome of initial dental problems. The other problems that may be the result of bad oral health are:

* Gum disease and infections
* Tooth decay
* Tooth loss

It is very easy to overlook the effects of poor dental health as they are hidden in the mouth, but people who are diabetic or has a heart disease can have severe effect on their gums as well as their teeth. Loose teeth in heart patients and diabetic people can be a possible symptom of other diseases related to physical health.

A healthy mouth is not only about a sparkling smile, but also about a healthy body. The bacteria that builds inside the mouth leads gums towards infections, and the food that we eat travels from our mouth to our body and hampers our physical health.

As our mouth is a pathway to our body, the ignorance of oral health can pose a big threat to our overall health. Any minor dental issue must be treated soon. It is very important to see a dentist once in a six months. Regular visits to a dentist help to find out any underlying problem related to the gums or teeth. The American Dental Association recommends people to see their dentist at least once in a six months, as a regular dental examination is a key to a good health.

There are several reasons to visit a dentist regularly. Some of the important reasons are:

* Regular visits to a Dentist in Rowlett TX are important to keep gums and teeth in a healthy state. Meanwhile, a dentist may suggest the ways to maintain oral hygiene to avoid oral problems.

* A regular dental visit brings in notice the development of plaque and tartar in the mouth. As plaque and tartar build up fast, it needs immediate cleaning to keep off any sort of oral infection or gum disease.

* It is a healthy practice and can help a dental practitioner to examine a fatal condition like oral cancer.

* It can help to diagnose the onset of periodontal disease at a very early stage and the treatment can be started immediately.

* It also helps to find out the reason for the bad mouth odor and can be immediately treated.

* Most of the people are not even aware of the fact that periodontal disease can complicate the condition of diabetes among the diabetic people, as the inflammation caused in gums reduces the ability of a human body to utilize insulin and results in the hike of blood sugar level in the human body. It is highly recommended to diabetic people to see a dentist regularly for the sake of their well being.

* Researches have proven that periodontal disease increases the risk of heart attack in people. Almost 91% of the population with heart disease are suffering from periodontitis. It is very important to see a dentist regularly to stay safe from being a possible victim of heart disease.

During your regular sessions of the dental appointments, your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, mouth and throat closely to learn about the condition of your oral health and depending upon the condition, he/she may advise you to give them more frequent visits.