Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

The artificially produced Human Growth Hormone or HGH has been incorrectly marketed as either an anti-aging drug or for improvement of ones performance in sports, but its’ actual use is limited. Therefore because of this limited use, the lies of numerous advertising campaigns on the internet as to its age defying properties and performance enhancing benefits must be stopped. Instead focus on the possible side effects of taking HGH should be made, as it is not a treatment that should be taken lightly.

Taking high doses of HGH can have a number of side effects, and these are not listed to scare you, but merely point out to the public that it is unsafe and improper to take HGH liberally without any particular ailment or supervision from the doctor.

Some of the side effects in no particular order are:

– acromelagy

– soft tissue swelling

– joint pains

– carpal tunnel syndrome

– breast enlargement

– diabetes

– liver enlargement

– heart enlargement

– increased pressure around the brain

– high blood pressure

– elevated blood sugar levels

– diabetes

– may cause prostate, colon, breast cancer

– enhances spread of cancer if already existing

– excessive and abnormal bone growth

– skin infection

– cellulitis

– abscess formation

– fibrosis scarring

With all these possible side effects on misuse of HGH, it is very surprising that all these marketers are keeping silent about them, and praising HGH to high heavens when it concerns their allegedly, and false anti aging and performance enhancing properties. The companies selling these products should be shut down for putting the health of millions at risk in exchange for their own financial benefit.

The side effects listed above by far are not any trivial side effects that can be fixed easily. They are life changing side effects that if not given adequate attention can become life threatening.

Therefore the only HGH one should get is the HGH naturally produced by your own body. Unless you have one of those rare diseases numbering about four or five, where HGH is seen as a valid treatment then you should not be having any artificial HGH at all. HGH is a very important hormone no doubt, and its’ role in our bodies is unquestionable. The abuse that it has gotten from the marketing companies in conjunction with pharmacies selling it is massive, and they have been lying to the public all along.

Those wanting to increase their performance in sports and stay young should not look to Human Growth Hormone as the answer to their problems. For those who want improvement in sports, train harder, be more dedicated, and do not look for short cuts. That is the only way to excel, and to be proud of yourself at the same time. To those who want to stay young forever, exercise, eat right, stay fit and have a positive outlook in life. You don’t need any artificial HGH treatments to do all these. In fact these misplaced HGH drugs could shorten your life instead of lengthening it.

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