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I went to the Miami Children’s museum today with my son. Believe it or not, one of the most favorite kid’s things to do there is the “Publix” exhibit. Simply a miniature replica of a grocery shopping store, children go gaga over pushing their own shopping cart, filling it with (plastic) produce, fish, cheese, bread, canned goods. Then pushing it over to the “check-out” counter to total up their purchase. Each time I take my son there I have to tear him away from this exhibit. I don’t see the stimulation, but it’s not my job to necessarily see it, just to notice that it is stimulating him, and to provide that kind of stimulation for my son when-, and wherever I can.

My job as a parent is to find the best “team” for my growing son. This means the best school, the best teachers at school, the best instruction outside of school, the best authors for books to stimulate my son, the best tutors for swimming, music, and athletics. I cannot possibly provide my son the best possible environment for being the best he can be by myself. Without our world class “team” in place, my son will not grow up to be the best he can be.

What about you?

Are you finding the best team you can for your fast weight loss program? Or are you trying to do it all alone? Imagine 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong having to try and win a single Tour de France by himself? In fact, here is a quote from Wikipedia:

“Armstrong revolutionized the support behind his well-funded teams, asking sponsors and suppliers to contribute and act as part of the team. For example, rather than having the frame, handlebars, and tires designed and developed by separate companies with little interaction, his teams adopted a Formula 1 relationship with sponsors and suppliers named “F-One”, taking full advantage of the combined resources of several organizations working in close communication. The team, Trek, Nike, AMD, Bontrager (a Trek company), Shimano, Giro and Oakley, collaborated for an array of products.”

How influential was this “elite” team in helping Lance become the best bicycle racer the world has ever known?

In 1996, Lance Armstrong, by then a young cycling phenom, discovered he had testicular cancer. 3 years later he won the Tour de France. After his cancer discovery, Lance sought out and assembled a world-class team of doctors. Collaborating together as a synergistically stronger and talented team, they decided to treat him with alternative drugs designed to limit lung toxicity (Lance had testicular cancer that had metastasized, spreading to his lungs and brain – a grimmer prognosis could not have been made… some doctors gave Lance a death sentence after his tests revealed his cancer had spread so much).

In all instances of Lance’s success, he surrounded himself with the best “team” he could assemble. For his cancer it saved his life, and for his sport of bicycle racing, it made him one of the most lauded, revered, and respected athletes of all time.

What team are you surrounding yourself with for your fast weight loss program? The answers you are searching for a better body are there. You simply need to identify and find those that can best provide them for you.

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