Lower The Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be considered as the sign of omen in the life cycle of womanhood. A woman’s life becomes beautiful and complete when she gets into the door of womanhood. Womanhood contains many features to be blossomed. But when one of these features are affected by unwanted and undreamt complications then a lady becomes just a living dead body, who will be living life but with no beauty and life within herself. A woman plays many characters to many persons. She is mother and at a time one’s better-half as well. If she gets attacked by diseases and physical complications then the root of one’s family is just about to be uprooted. Everyone in a family gets shaken and ripped off. So a woman should take care of herself from the very beginning of the day she started seeing herself as grown up.

Today’s most prevalent physic-related complication for woman is ‘breast cancer.’ Beating down many girls, mothers, this disease is now just about to win all the medicines applied against it. If our motherhood is not safe from such diseases then there may be possibility of the ending of gentility of human kingdom. Centering this point of view, our doctors have now reached several preventive methods. It has been the consequence of conducting several researches on the matter. In every society breast cancer patient can often seen. Though, recently, the numbers of patients have been dragged down, but still, our researchers and doctors are on their track to come out with the final destroyer of the breast cancer germs. But, before, any of women meets the symptoms, she must be well-acquainted with the consequences and so she takes preventives, out of fear.

When breast cells start growing abnormally and forms a tumor, after that starts spreading out throughout the body and that too faster than the good ones do. Doctors say breast cancer starts in on with the cells in milk-producing conduits. (This may be considered as the process of spreading the germs of cancer which causing the breast cancer).
Causes of ‘Breast Cancer’ (The core reason is still to be finalized by doctors. There may be impact of environment and some are being inherited too)

Doctors after undergoing through several compiled researches reached the point that only from 5 to 10 percents of cancer germs can be transferred through gene mutations. Doctors have found additionally two most common genes of breast cancer No.1 is BRCA 1 gene and No. 2 is BRCA 2 gene. The breast cancer risk and the ovarian cancer risk both are caused by these two inherited genes from generation.

Use of alcohol can also be the cause of Breast Cancer. This results in slightly elevated risk comparison to non-drinkers women.
Some group of doctors have come to this conclusion too that breast cancer has environmental influence rather than genetic. Much fat intake may also cause breast cancer.
Similarly obesity also causes breast cancer.
Some get caused due to come in the contact of chemicals in plastics.

There is very few remedy to prevent breast cancer, which is only lowering the risk. That is a little bit exercise and walking can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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