Prevent Breast Cancer Before It Gets A Chance To Get You!

October is sometimes known as pink ribbon month. The pink ribbons indicate that is the month for breast cancer awareness. Some companies use this month to pledge financial support to the cause and sell object colored in pink. It is always a good idea though to find out just how much of this money is going towards research and giving people information on breast cancer before you go and spend money on pink products.

The best thing you can do to prevent breast cancer is to know all about it, and when you should be screened. Recovery rates are increases when breast cancer is caught in the early stages. You can find this information on breast cancer on the Internet at any time, but during October it is highlighted in an effort to get more women to know and understand what they should be looking for, what their options are, and that breast cancer is not a death sentence if you are able to catch it early. Even cancer caught later on can be treated successfully on occasion.

One of the most important things to remember with information on breast cancer especially with something as serious as this is where you get your information from! Medical information on breast cancer abounds, especially on the internet, try to ensure it comes from doctors and research bodies that specialize in this area. Even though most information on breast cancer will be useful it’s always best to speak to your doctor and try to get the most up to date findings you can. This might also be information you want to share with women in your family so that they know they may be at risk and need to pay attention to breast health at a younger age.

This information and talking to your doctor can help to decide if you need to be screened sooner as opposed to later. Information is a valuable resource and so are your family especially if there is a history of breast cancer and this may mean that you need to be screened earlier and more regularly. Learning how to examine yourself is another valuable skill that could save you time. If you know how to properly check your breasts for lumps, you have a much greater chance of finding a lump early. It’s not just you that needs to learn how to self-examine either because all you other women family members need to know how important it is.

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