Cancer Treatment in India at Mumbai at Affordable Cost

Staying fit and health is the primary concern of every person but despite our best efforts sometimes cancer can affect even relatively healthy people. The study, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in medical terminology is known as oncology. It is derived from Greek meaning ‘bulk’ or ‘mass’ which refers to the abnormal activity/mass of the cancerous cells.
The development of the cancer treatment in India has led to the higher survival rate and caused improvement in the quality of life. Surgery is deemed as the leading form of cancer treatment in India and the new technologies has led the survival rate to increase double fold. Cost of the surgery for cancer in India is the most cost-effective and moreover the treatment to the poor is free. To give impetus to the cancer treatment in India there are now around 15 research centers conducting studies and researches aiming to remove cancer from its very roots. However it is always advised for the cancer patients visiting India for their treatment to find good medical coordinators. Heal & Wheel India is one such institute to deliver you what is best when it comes to the medical services. They have best physicians and doctors to deal with any kind of cancer and also suggest the best treatment process and hospital for the same according to the gravity and nature of the disease.
There are various types of cancer that can affect any part of the human body starting from skin, which is as following:
* bladder cancer
* breast cancer
* colon cancer
* endometrial cancer
* kidney cancer
* leukemia
* lung cancer
* melanoma
* non-Hodgkin lymphoma
* pancreatic cancer
* prostate cancer
* thyroid cancer
Depending on the type of cancer one is affected with, the treatment can also vary. While some cancer can be treated with chemotherapy, others require radiation and in some cases surgery. It is left to the discretion of the oncologist treating the patient. Advanced medical research also means the success rate of patients who successfully survive cancer treatment has increased substantially in the last few decades.
Advancement in cancer treatment also means there is a corresponding increase in the expenses incurred to treat the disease. Since the post treatment care is a prolonged one it means additional expenses not covered by many medical insurance companies. The best option is to get cancer treatment in India and getting the post treatment care at home, so that, the cost will dramatically reduce.
The treatments in India are very much cheap when compared with other developed countries. Talk about any medical treatment at an affordable price and without comprising to the quality, it is definitely India. Patients from all around the world know that Indian doctors, medical infrastructure, medical staff, equipments have made India as the fore runner in the health care systems. All the medical facilities with world class doctors and surgeons across the country that also with an affordable cost have made medical tourism in the country a big success. In fact Cancer treatment in India is also best for people who want to take advantage of the medical tourism, where you can receive treatment for your cancer and also enjoy a relaxing vacation after the treatment. India has made efforts to attract people from all over the world to get their cancer treatment here by providing easy visa facilities under medical tourism.
Being diagnosed for any type of cancer is a life altering situation and of course it requires careful thinking and planning. While going to India is definitely cost-effective, it can also be quite daunting to think of going to a totally different country for treatment. But if you are well informed and know what exactly to expect once you are there, then it can be quite a pleasant trip.
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