Court instructions

divorce decree is also required.  

The affiliated church is the “Universal Life
Church” and you should note that on the
Application for Marriage License form under the
tab “License to Marry”, where it says “State of”,
write St. Croix, Virgin Islands; Universal Life

Send via PRIORITY MAIL, with tracking
number, your typed or clearly printed in black
ink, duly completed Marriage License,
Application, Marriage Letter (certified Divorce
Decree if applicable)
, copy of both of your birth
and a certified check or money order
directly to:

The Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Office of the Clerk
Box 929
Christiansted, VI 00821-0929

It is very important that you call the Court at
340-778-9750 to verify receipt of the
documents. At this time, please advise the court
the day you will appear to be sworn in.  This will
facilitate a smooth process.  

The dress code required by the court is
“business casual”: covered shoulders, long
pants or a skirt.
 Please bring TWO forms of
identification such as a passport or birth
certificate or drivers license.

Once you have arrived on St. Croix, you will
need to dedicate a day and time to go to the
Court House to be sworn in. You must go at
least 24 hours prior to your wedding date.

We recommend you go to the Court after
breakfast, first thing in morning to ensure ample
time. The whole court process, including drive
time runs approximately an hour and a half.
Your package includes a round-trip taxi ride to
and from court. Feel free to contact your
Wedding Coordinator with any questions.

If you have any questions about the license
procedure, please contact the Territorial Court
directly at 340-778-9750 ext. 6637 and ask for
the Family/Marriage Division OR visit their
website VI Superior Court.

Robot "ralphie"..the robotic entertainment, special event superstar

has been utilized in many different capacities; from a general,
multi-purpose, interactive, meeter/greeter par excellance
to that of delivering his corporate/product “spokesrobot”
routine at specifically targeted functions. These include
trade shows, conventions, receptions, stockholder gatherings,
sales meetings and parties (oh, does “RALPHIE” ever
lo-o-o-ove to party… the quintessential party animal/robot
if there ever was one).

Accordingly, “RALPHIE’S”
trademark penchant for riveting, pre-scripted (as opposed
to his customary, comedic and  spontaneous verbal interaction)
product presentations at various public functions should not
be overlooked as well. RALPHIE’S “out of this world”
press conferences  are  similarly riveting.

In brief,
it didn’t take him long to adapt to the many comforts and
distractions readily obtainable only on planet Earth. He has
actually had numerous invites to people’s homes to help around
the house. But then again, how could he??  He doesn’t
do dishes and he doesn’t do windows (as he just might rust
away in the process).  He can, however, slice and dice
and if you cook it, he’ll serve it!!! So, as ever, you can
always count on “RALPHIE”.

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Battery Mib

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 | Spy Bubble

what notebook is the smallest and fastest?

standard specs should be 12inch lcd, has 2gb ram, video card/shared at 256mb or higher specs, dvd rw drive, 6hrs battery, and whatever processor and hdd.

Smallest and Fastest don’t go together well with laptops.

If you want a small laptop be prepared to give up a lot of performance for it (and don’t expect a decent video chip in it, you get Intel graphics which is good enough for most business use but crap for games, an 8 MiB framebuffer is the most you should really be using with that kind of graphics chip).







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Anheuser Busch 1955 Chevrolet Christmas Ornament MIB


1995 Anheuser Busch Christmas ornament of a 1955 Chevrolet Panel Truck. The ornament has a tree tied to the top. The ornament needs new batteries, but when they are working, there is a button on the bottom of the Panel Truck. When you push it, the headlights flash and they sychronize with the music. It was in working order when I purchased it, but you figure that was over 13 years ago. The car mea…

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Soma muscle relaxant – facts and precautions

Some medical conditions that you might have would also make you ineligible to use Soma, or at least demand that you use Soma in lower dosages. Ultimately, your doctor is the only person who can give you a definitive yes or no answer, but if you have an allergy to either meprobamate or Carisoprodol, you should let your doctor know. Another medical condition which your doctor should know about if you are using Soma is a rare metabolic disorder called  intermittent porphyria. Your doctor should also be aware of your full medical history. for instance, if you have ever suffered from any kind of liver disease or kidney disease, seizures or asthma, or if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, let your doctor know.

Some combinations of Soma (Carisoprodol) and other prescription drugs can be problematic, meaning that other drugs can either affect the effectiveness of Soma or increase the risk of side effects. Benzodiazepines, carbamazepine, barbiturates and armodafinil can all influence the effectiveness of Soma. Antibiotics are another common type of mediation that can interact with Soma, and often create unpredictable effects. Antibiotics can both decrease, as well as increase the effectiveness of Carisoprodol and Soma, while opiates and narcotics (including some common sleep medications) can severely increase the risk of side effects. If you are planing on using these, or any other prescription drugs while also using Soma, let your doctor know about it. As long as you follow these precautions and make sure that you only use Soma according to the instructions, you can safely enjoy all of it’s benefits.

New towns ratia: global standards, affordable solutions


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Weekly veda class

 The Vedas are the oldest existing Religious scripture which have been in common use for many thousands of years.  “Veda” may mean book or wisdom.  The Vedas contain various hymns and texts about mystical knowledge of God, Nature, and the Soul which the Vedas teach are one.  The Vedas are held to be revealed scripture heard by the Sages (Rishis) in their meditations.  They are unique among Hindu scriptures in that they are universally revered by all sects and denominations of Hindus and also by many Buddhists.

The mystical meanings of the Vedas cannot be adequately translated into modern languages of human origin like English.  Sanskrit is a sacred language, and its sounds generate the energies of the objects they describe.  When a person hears the sounds of the Vedic Sanskrit with attention and devotion the consciousness (and matter) is transformed and the Truth of Vedas is directly experienced.  Modern languages like Hindi or English can never carry the deeper meaning in this sense.  People seek intellectual knowledge from outside, but all knowledge and Truth is within the soul of each person for which the Vedas serve as a key, map, and guidebook to unlocking this Divine potential. 

Veda Chanting 

Recitation of the Vedas was considered a daily duty by our Rishis (Sages).  Those who chant Vedas bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to all society by mitigating the karmas which lead to suffering.  It is said that God is at the constant service of those who chant the Vedic hymns and fulfills all of their desires.  To truly master the knowledge of Vedas, though, a person must offer the effects of his chanting to the peace of all the world and for himself seek spiritual illumination like a candle which burns itself to offer light.  In this way, the person who faithfully chants Vedas becomes endowed with the Divine qualities which the Vedic hymns extol.          

Peoples’ karmas cause pain and suffering though the Lord does not want for any to suffer.  To help people ease their suffering the Lord has given the Vedas to the world.  Through the shakti of the Vedic hymns, the Lord works on Earth.  In this sense it has been said that the chanting of Vedic hymns is like the life-breath of the Lord in the world.  When people do not recite the sacred hymns, the shakti of the Lord remains in the inner realms and the physical world becomes like a dry dessert thirsty for spiritual Light.  Recitation of the Vedic hymns brings Light to the world and is an important practice for all to keep.