Robot "ralphie"..the robotic entertainment, special event superstar

has been utilized in many different capacities; from a general,
multi-purpose, interactive, meeter/greeter par excellance
to that of delivering his corporate/product “spokesrobot”
routine at specifically targeted functions. These include
trade shows, conventions, receptions, stockholder gatherings,
sales meetings and parties (oh, does “RALPHIE” ever
lo-o-o-ove to party… the quintessential party animal/robot
if there ever was one).

Accordingly, “RALPHIE’S”
trademark penchant for riveting, pre-scripted (as opposed
to his customary, comedic and  spontaneous verbal interaction)
product presentations at various public functions should not
be overlooked as well. RALPHIE’S “out of this world”
press conferences  are  similarly riveting.

In brief,
it didn’t take him long to adapt to the many comforts and
distractions readily obtainable only on planet Earth. He has
actually had numerous invites to people’s homes to help around
the house. But then again, how could he??  He doesn’t
do dishes and he doesn’t do windows (as he just might rust
away in the process).  He can, however, slice and dice
and if you cook it, he’ll serve it!!! So, as ever, you can
always count on “RALPHIE”.

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