Weekly veda class

 The Vedas are the oldest existing Religious scripture which have been in common use for many thousands of years.  “Veda” may mean book or wisdom.  The Vedas contain various hymns and texts about mystical knowledge of God, Nature, and the Soul which the Vedas teach are one.  The Vedas are held to be revealed scripture heard by the Sages (Rishis) in their meditations.  They are unique among Hindu scriptures in that they are universally revered by all sects and denominations of Hindus and also by many Buddhists.

The mystical meanings of the Vedas cannot be adequately translated into modern languages of human origin like English.  Sanskrit is a sacred language, and its sounds generate the energies of the objects they describe.  When a person hears the sounds of the Vedic Sanskrit with attention and devotion the consciousness (and matter) is transformed and the Truth of Vedas is directly experienced.  Modern languages like Hindi or English can never carry the deeper meaning in this sense.  People seek intellectual knowledge from outside, but all knowledge and Truth is within the soul of each person for which the Vedas serve as a key, map, and guidebook to unlocking this Divine potential. 

Veda Chanting 

Recitation of the Vedas was considered a daily duty by our Rishis (Sages).  Those who chant Vedas bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to all society by mitigating the karmas which lead to suffering.  It is said that God is at the constant service of those who chant the Vedic hymns and fulfills all of their desires.  To truly master the knowledge of Vedas, though, a person must offer the effects of his chanting to the peace of all the world and for himself seek spiritual illumination like a candle which burns itself to offer light.  In this way, the person who faithfully chants Vedas becomes endowed with the Divine qualities which the Vedic hymns extol.          

Peoples’ karmas cause pain and suffering though the Lord does not want for any to suffer.  To help people ease their suffering the Lord has given the Vedas to the world.  Through the shakti of the Vedic hymns, the Lord works on Earth.  In this sense it has been said that the chanting of Vedic hymns is like the life-breath of the Lord in the world.  When people do not recite the sacred hymns, the shakti of the Lord remains in the inner realms and the physical world becomes like a dry dessert thirsty for spiritual Light.  Recitation of the Vedic hymns brings Light to the world and is an important practice for all to keep.   

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