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Accutane Lawyers Closely Watching Mass Tort Accutane Side Effects Trial

J. Cooper Carlisle | December 28th, 2011 | Posted in Accutane Crohns Disease News

The latest Accutane side effects trial in the mass tort began on Nov. 10, 2011 in New Jersey Superior Court. The Accutane lawyer of plaintiff Priya Tanna had originally filed Tanna’s lawsuit on Oct. 25, 2004. It was later added to the more than 6,000 Accutane cases that were consolidated into the mass tort overseen by Judge Carol E. Higbee.

Tanna began using Accutane at age 15 and later suffered inflammatory bowel disease, according to the opening statement by Tanna’s Accutane lawyer. The Accutane lawyer went on to state that the pamphlet included with the medication did not mention that inflammatory bowel disease was a possible side effect of the drug, or that any possible gastrointestinal side effects could be permanent or could even arise long after the patient stopped taking the medication.

Some lawsuits focus on Accutane inflammatory bowel disease

The prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal complications among Accutane users has led to thousands of lawsuits, including the ones that have been consolidated into the New Jersey mass tort and others that were consolidated into the multi-district litigation (MDL) in Florida, and Accutane side effects trials are ongoing.

The term “inflammatory bowel disease” refers to two chronic disease that cause inflammation of the intestines: ulcerative colitis, which inflames the large intestine, and Crohn’s disease, which usually affects the last part of the small intestine and parts of the large intestine. Crohn’s disease can also affect other parts of the digestive tract. Crohn’s disease causes inflammation that extends much deeper into the layers of the intestinal wall and generally tends to involve the entire bowel wall, whereas ulcerative colitis affects only the lining of the bowel. Both diseases are chronic and debilitating, causing bleeding and ulcers, and can lead to the patient needing to have his or her entire colon removed.

Accutane lawyer argues with pre-existing vulnerabilities

In Tanna’s trial, the Accutane lawyer for the defendant, Hoffman-La Roche, argued that the manufacturer did exercise due diligence in warning Tanna and other Accutane patients about possible complications via a seven-step warning system that it provided to patients and doctors. The seven-step warning system included a package insert, a patient brochure, a medication guide, and a blister pack, all of which Roche says carried information about the risks of Accutane side effects. Roche’s Accutane lawyer further argued that Tanna’s medical history shows a pre-existing vulnerability to gastrointestinal illness, and that this raises reasonable doubt as to whether the Accutane was the sole cause of her inflammatory bowel disease.

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