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Right Choice is Naturalwear

As women, choices are a part of
our lives – career, family, lifestyle.  Now you’ve had a mastectomy and you’re faced
with decisions that you never thought you’d have to make.  One choice is certain –
Naturalwear postmastectomy fashions will help restore your beauty and confidence.  
We’ll put you in control again with our selection of elegantly designed bras and breast
forms.  It’s a wonderful life.  With Naturalwear postmastectomy forms and
fashions, you can enjoy every minute of it.

For over 30 years,
Naturalwear has been providing women with beautiful, flattering postmastectomy fashions.
  Our mission is to make you feel good about yourself, both inside and out.  And
when you FEEL confident and elegant, you LOOK it.

New Beginning
with Naturalwear
Breast Forms

After your surgery, you may wish to wear a lightweight foam or fiberfilled form.  
When your surgical site is healed, we recommend that you be fitted with a weighted breast
prosthesis.  Naturalwear breast forms are made of soft silicone with a polyurethane
cover.  Because every woman is unique, they are available in a myriad of shapes and
sizes.  A weighted silicone breast form will help restore your body’s natural
symmetry and balance.

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Model 508 – Price $278

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Model 509 – Price $278

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Model 507 – Price $278

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Model 535 – Price $278


Complete your look with Naturalwear Bras

Postmastectomy brassieres are very similar to the bras you’ve
always worn, with the addition of a built-in pocket to hold the form securely in the bra
cup.  A pocket keeps the form from shifting and holds it snugly against your body.
  Naturalwear bras are available in a variety of beautiful styles to suit your
lifestyle and figure type.  We design them to give you a smooth, flattering fit in
fabrics that feel good next to your skin.

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Model 164

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Model 197

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Model 162

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Model B190

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