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I was really fortunate to attend the ApolloCamp at the Adobe office in San Francisco this weekend – and it was such a great event. The few pictures I managed to snap can be seen on my “.

It was great to see a bunch of familiar faces, put some faces to some names ( oh JD – why are you scared of me? – Matt C, you have patience to listen to my verbal spew ), and to meet some new folks. Some great sessions were given about Apollo – and its defintely going to be an interesting couple of months as we start to see some really kickass applications being built with it. Unlike other previous releases of other software, this definitely feels like its been given the thought and preparation it deserves in terms of getting people up to speed as quickly as possible with the new technology. Kudos Apollo team.

Developers won’t have to wait long for learning materials – supplemental material ( as in not just in progress documentation) exists and this in of itself, is absolutely huge as its removes that barrier. Some pretty cool and extensive applications built in Apollo exist as well, applications that look fanf***ingtastic and showcase some of the strongest features of Apollo. Its amazing to have such solid examples at the onset – and it feels like much more effort has been put into reference material than ever before. Such a great sign.

I was lucky to have some interesting and extensive conversations with a variety of people,and I have a couple of posts in the back of my head as a result of those convos. I think for awhile there Kristin from Galaxygoo and I got carried away on a couple of tangents – but its great to be able to bounce ideas off of someone with such a unique perspective.

Definitely glad I was able to go. Can’t wait to dig in.

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